Wednesday, January 21, 2009

10 reasons why every young man should be a boy scout...

I have such faith in this program. It truely has done wonderful things for my son. All of these were taken right before the boys left for their winter campout. They participated in a Mountain Man event. Everything you see... coats, knives, man purses were made by the boys/leaders, and occaissionally a craized mom ;)

Reason #1- You get to wear cool sunglasses!

Reason #2- You get to be a role model to younger children

Reason #3- Leaders who teach with love and patience

Reason #4- Laughter

Reason #5- The weapons, of course!

Reason #6- Friendship that lasts forever

Reason #7- Respect, dignity, and admiration

Reason #8- Clothes that make all the girls swoon!

Reason #9- The man-purse. What could be more manly than a purse!

Reason #10- It will change your life forever.


Older and Wisor said...

"It's not a purse-it's a 'carry-all'!" Jerry Seinfeld

~Lydia~ said...

I was in the girl scouts, I can't wait to have boys in the boy scouts.

Bethany & Huey said...

LOVED the pictures! You're amazing. Its as simple as that.

It's A Mom Thing. said...

Wow, you know I just can't believe he grew up so fast. He was just a budding teen when I met you, and now he's a young man. So happy for you guys, you've done a wonderful job. Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see your next little man in uniform! :)

CNH said...

Loved seeing those! :D

Rosalie said...

hey its Sierra your best friend

love your wording and love the pictures you make them look so good!

(considering Alec looks pretty darn good in one HAAA)

I'm linking you